Strengthen your corporate culture and reveal talents.

Our platform realign organizations and corporate culture by activating the main drivers of motivation for employees : the meaning, the impact and the potential for personal and professional development.


Each month, all employees of the company are credited with a limited number of Big Ups to be attributed to their colleagues to recognize and enhance their transversal skills, positive behaviours and commitment. Big Ups are positive, transparent and qualified signs of recognition.


These signs of recognition allow employees to discover their strengths and highlight the behaviour encouraged in the company, in line with its values. Big Ups improve and formalize the recognition of human and interpersonal skills in the company while developing attention to each other.


By increasing the sources of recognition within the company, the tool completes traditional recognition systems and helps to make this system fairer and more inclusive. The solution encourages collaboration at all levels and helps create new models of success that are accessible and inspiring to everyone.

Commit your teams sustainably with collaborative recognition.

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Our open badge system allows employees to develop their soft skills and officially symbolize the knowledge of their informal learning. These open, portable and verifiable digital emblems enable employees’ experiences and commitments in non-formal and informal contexts to be visible and recognized.


Virtuous behaviours, in line with the values of the company, are valued when they are embodied. Teams focus on what makes the company great. Recognition becomes transparent and engaging.

Drive your culture

Our Culture Performance Score® makes the company’s human capital visible and actionable.

This indicator delivers key informations to the company and is a unique management tool to adjust your corporate culture and guide strategic decisions related to performance, training and talent management.

Align your corporate culture with your values.